:: about suppermusic

Here`s the end of your intense and grueling day at work, when you finally deserve what you really need most of all: something pleasant and enjoyable, that essential element that allows you to feel good in virtually any company - music! You should be welcome to it anytime!

This is a site where we would like the power of positive musical thinking and all of its related activities to converge, for people to be able to gather and listen to something other than what's being offered on the mass consumption portals and vortals, by the e-shops, department stores, markets and supermarkets cluttering the web. And a place where music people, like performers, booking agents and managers from the best, brightest and most unique musical communities and clubs around Europe and the rest of the world, for example, could become inspired to directly get in touch with the folks featured here, and establish an exchange that would truly and pleasantly surprise their patron audiences with new musical experiences from time to time. And we trust they might agree to allow a modest commercial reminder about their club to be ever-visible here on our site ­ so everybody at least knows about it, no matter where they come from!

Henceforth, let anyone with something to offer or anything to say be welcome to contribute ­ please send us your music samples, photos, information and, of course, all proposals and suggestions for improving this site.

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